Getting you Started

Follow these four easy steps to start you experience in CoL:

1. Sign the participation form

The participation form will allow us to know a bit more about you, provide our Technical Team (TT) with the essential information for you to take part in the structures and get you on our insurance coverage scheme.

The participation form will be provided in the rehearsal by any member of the TT or MC people. Fill it in and you can start taking part in the structures straight away.

2. Attend the induction from the TT 

We are very concerned about safety, and there are some basic rules to follow when taking part in building structures. Whichever your position, it is very important to bear in mind some safety measures.

3. Get ready!

You will need a couple of things:

        – Old shirt with collar – Yeah old!, you will get that soon… Collar? your neck will appreciate it!

        – Faixa – This is essential for castellers. It will protect your back and help others climb.

Talk to the Cap de Colla to borrow a faixa, and you can get your own whenever you wish.

4. Enjoy!

Building castells brings people together and is strongly based on teamwork. You will have the opportunity to be part of a big family that enjoys castells, but also gathers for group meals, trips, races and more.