Chapter 7: SaFa’s Road to London

Spitafields Market (London).

When we talk about the European colles, they are usually not that old as the active ones started in the mid-2010s. In contrast to that, the increase of colles in Catalunya was significant since the beginning of the “platinum era”, where the constructions of maximum difficulty came back to the performances and new structures were built for the first time.

One of the groups created in that era is Castellers de la Sagrada Familia, from Barcelona. This year they turned 15 and they wanted to celebrate it going around the world… so they came to London.

It was exciting to have a colla from Catalunya to visit us. It was a great opportunity to learn from them and to see some nice structures in our city. A colla with all this experience, with the 4d8 as their best structure, a 3d8 crowned and their 3d7ps as insignia could do nothing but a great performance with us. And therefore, we had to be worth the visit. And so we were! We repeated the same structures we did in Paris but with a massive difference in terms of confidence and stability. Our second 4d6a was stunning, calling for a 3d6a soon.

We were happy to be able to keep progress and to show to London what we can achieve. To show to our city what we have become and that we want to continue growing. So what a better way than finishing the performance with a 3d6ps together with SaFa! We learnt from them and we did one of their favourites (although they usually do an extra level).

It was a great day. Another step forward for what’s to come. As our patrons were coming next… we had to be ready for them.

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