Chapter 6: 2nd International Castells Festival – First 4of6a


The same day we performed for Christmas, both our president and our cap de colla stepped down from their positions for different reasons. Fair enough, after all the work done the last two years, they needed some rest as well. With new MC and TT, the colla kept pushing for our best performance. The three constructions of 6 in a single performance were about to come. We had been so close that we all knew it was possible. After starting the year with a performance for St George with another 4d6, we went to Paris to celebrate the 2nd International Castells Festival.

The trip was great. Lots of people getting to Paris days before to enjoy the city. The city of love. And the day of the performance we could not help falling in love a bit more with it. We will remember Paris as the place that we completed for the first time three constructions of 6. The 4d6, the 3d6… and, as a plot twist, a 4d6a.

As always, the new construction required a colossal effort from the whole team and people helping to keep it from collapsing, but that only made us even happier once we finished it. It was the reward for all the hard work we had been pushing for the last year and all the hours spent in the rehearsals and in the pub. And as always, we had help from our friends and the extra boost from performing with the rest of the colles.

It was a great performance and a great weekend overall. Copenhagen doing their first try for the 3d6, Paris doing again three constructions of 6 and Andorra demonstrating how close they are to 7 levels.
We can’t wait to meet them again. Who knows which constructions we are going to see…

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