Chapter 5: Bittersweet Christmas – Dismantled Attempt 3of6a, Twice

#merry6mas (London).

We had done great at the “concurs” two months ago and it was already Christmas, time to show our brand-new constructions to the people of London!

We were decided to repeat the 3d6 and 4d6 and we wanted to go even further: doing three constructions of 6 levels in the same performance. We wanted to have a #merry6mas.

Two things were challenging at that point. We would not have the support from other colles so we needed enough people to the performance – at least 80 people for a 4d6. Massive goal. On top of that, we had to get a new construction ready.

So the day arrived and lots of red shirts were present at the performance, including families we hadn’t seen for long time and friends of old and new members. Everyone was ready to do our best performance. And we tried.

We were so happy to do our 3d6 and 4d6 for a second time and demonstrate that we were not lucky in Tarragona. Proud to have enough people to do it on our own. But we failed in completing the new structure: we couldn’t crown the 3d6a. A construction with a pilar inside adds extra difficulty on the base and on the trunk. It takes longer to complete as the pilar must wait until the outer structure is dismantled. We were really close, we knew we were prepared and that we had done all the work for that performance to succeed, but work does not always equal success during the performance.

Nevertheless we didn’t fall! We dismantled it before being crowned… twice. Bittersweet day where we displayed for the first time the 6 levels in our city. A construction that still haunts us in our dreams. Something we will complete sooner than later. Just a reminder that we have to work really hard to do great things. But a demonstration that if we go for something big, we have people to support us!

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