Chapter 4: International Performance in Tarragona – First 3of6 and 4of6

Tarragona, City of “Castells”.

** Copenhagen, year 2013:
Castells expand to northern Europe and Xiquets de Copenhagen are born. The first in Denmark, in navy shirts, they grew quickly from the beginning.

** Copenhagen, October 2015:
A member of Castellers of London gets to the city and talks to one of the Xiquets. A crazy idea arises: European colles participating in the “concurs”. In Copenhagen they really want to go and want help to push for it.

** Tarragona, 2nd October 2015:
Second weekend of the “Concurs de Castells”. Before it starts in the Tarraco Arena, shirts in different colors gather in Plaça de la Font. Crimson, light blue, navy and red can be spotted. Castellers d’Andorra, Castellers de Paris, Xiquets de Copenhagen and Castellers of London are ready to perform.
We were super excited to be there. A performance in Tarragona, city of “castells” as they call it. Our first performance out of London.

Nearly 40 people travelled from London to Tarragona for that performance, but not only from London came our members. From Castelló, Mallorca and all over Catalunya, some of our members dusted off their shirts and wore the badge again. It was time for them to join us one more time. They wanted to be part of this chapter and they wrote it with us. They made it happen.

One thing was clear to all of us. We were not going to Tarragona to do what we always did. If we were in Tarragona, city of “castells” as they call it, we had to do at least 6 levels. We added extra rehearsals on Wednesday. We improved technique, confidence and team spirit for that day. And joining together again with all the members was a huge boost for all of us. We were ready.

The pinya was massive. What a surprise to see all those people helping! Not only from the other participant colles but from the nearly 20 people that wanted to help from Castelló, some of our patrons and random people. And the music was great thanks to Castellers de Terrassa and some others from Colla Jove Castellers de Barcelona. And all this, with a titanic effort from all members, made possible to fight and complete the 3d6 and the 4d6! Both in the same performance!

It was a very intense performance and we all did our best to make it happen. Castellers of London, colla of 6. The first, of all the 6 level constructions that were to come.

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Trivia: Two weeks earlier, Castellers de Vilafranca did the first 3d10fm ever seen in that location!