Chapter 3: 1st International Castells Festival

Spitafields Market (London).

With the growth of our colla, our goals got bigger. We kept doing structures of 5 levels and our beloved pilar of 4 in different performances. But we needed even more people if we wanted to get to 6 levels.

Meanwhile, in Paris, there was a colla that was growing parallel to us. They embraced the same values of an international colla and therefore had the same issues. It is difficult to perform with other colles as they are far away. We cannot get extra hands to push our limits in a performance and try the most complex structures safely. We decided that we could help each other though. We were going to host the first International Castells Festival in London.
In the festival, we would perform together. We’d have more people in the “pinya”. And the most important of all we’d have someone to look at and another colla to build a relationship with.

In the main performance of the festival, in Spitafields Market, Paris built a structure of 6 levels for the first time! We needed a bit more practice to get there but it was a great incentive for us to keep practicing. We were determined to show them the next time that our paths were not that different.

From that day, Castellers de Paris have been always side by side with us. The bonds we’ve built are not limited to the performances. We are all part of the same family.

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