Chapter 2: First Pilar of 4

Kennington Park.

Remember, remember… the 5th of September.

A nice Saturday in the city of London. People gathered in Kennington Gardens to celebrate the national day of Catalunya. A few red shirts scattered around and the decision to have fun.

During the summer we moved our rehearsals to Regent’s Park, so Kennington Gardens felt like home. The grass, the uneven terrain and the people watching us. It was all so familiar that we did not feel the pressure. That made the difference: Julia, the “enxaneta”, was ready to complete our first pilar of 4. And it did happen. We did it. We did our first recognised construction as a colla.

Joy was all around us. The celebration was big in the park and later in the pub. We got help in the “pinya” from random strangers. Strangers that would become regulars. Strangers that would be “segons” or even “dosos” in future constructions. That was the day we started to grow as a group.

From that day we could do nothing but increase our numbers. Practice more than ever to reach our goals. Push our social events. We didn’t want to be just a group but to be a “pinya”.

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