Pom de dalt

The pom de dalt is the part of the castell formed by the three top levels. It is made of the level of dosos, the aixecador and the enxaneta. In a pillar, the pom de dalt is reduced to only the enxaneta. The members of the pom de dalt receive the generic name of canalla.

Dosos ('Twos')

The dosos are the castellers on top of the trunk forming the base of the pom de dalt. There are always two, except for the castells of 5, in which there are two pairs of dosos and the castell of 9, in which there are three pairs of dosos. The dosos close the castell making it take a piramidal shape that finishes with the enxaneta.

Acotxador ('Croucher')

The acotxador is the casteller that crouches on top of the dosos. Generally, the acotxador is the smallest casteller of the castell as it needs to provide enough space at the top of the castell for the enxaneta to crown and cross the castell comfortably.

Enxaneta ('Crowner')

The enxaneta is the casteller that climbs to the top level of the castell and crowns it. The enxaneta climbs up and goes down on different and opposite pillars, except in the pillar as this is made of a single pillar.