Positions in a Pinya

Baix: At the bottom of the castell, holding the weight of the castell.

Agulla: In the centre of the castell, facing the baix and fixing the position of the segon.

Contrafort: Behind the baix, helping the baix to hold the weight of the castell.

Primeres Mans: Behind the contafort, holding the segon from behind and preventing the segon from falling backwards.

Crossa: Placed underneath the baix underpit, helping the baix to hold the weight of the castell.

Vent: Between a pair of baixos, holding a pair of segons with each hand to prevent the segons from leaning forward.

Lateral: Behind the crosses, holding one leg of the segon with both hands.


The baix is at the bottom of the castell and must be strong and not too tall.

Function of the baix:

  • To hold the weight of the castell with the help of all the pinya.

Position of the baix:

  • It is very important that the baix keeps a straight back and the legs slightly apart from each other and semi-bended in order to avoid injuries and allow the contrafort, the crosses and the agulla placing their feet in the right position so they are able to give the required support.
  • The baix places the arms on the shoulders of the crosses and grabs the arms of the baix at each side with the hands.


The crossa helps the baix to hold the weight of the castell. Each baix has two crosses, on at each side. The crossa must be strong, not too bulky and of high resistance.


Function of the crossa:

  • To hold part of the weight of the castell.
  • To level the shoulders of the baix to prevent the baix from sinking and displacing sideways.
  • To fix the position of the baix and give consistency to the nucleus of the pinya (peu of the castell).


Position of the crossa:

  • The crossa bends against the chest of the baix with the head looking down and fits one shoulder underneath the armpit of the baix.
  • The crossa fixes the position of the baix by passing one arm around the contrafort and taking his/her faixa and passing the other arm around the agulla and taking his/her faixa.

It is very important that all crosses enter the castell at the same time in order to avoid disassembling the structure of the castell.