Parts of a Pinya

The pinya is divided in several parts that receive different names according to the location and the function of the members that forms them.

Peu of the Castell ('foot of the Castell')

The peu of the castell is the inner part of the pinya, its central core, formed by some castellers of the trunk (baixos, segons) and the castellers that work directly with them. It is the first part of the castell that is built and its correct construction is essential for the castell to be successful. The peu of the castell can be divided in two parts:

Team of the Baix

The main mission of this team is to support the baix, holding him/her so that the baix does not lose the position or sinks due to the weight that has to hold on the shoulders. Each baix has a designated own team, which consists of a pair of crosses and one contrafort.

Team of the Hands

It is made of a group of castellers that support, directly or indirectly, the level of the segons with their arms and hands. Each segon has a team of hands, which consists of one agulla, primeres mans, a pair of laterals and a pair of vents.

Rest of the Pinya

The rest of the pinya is made of the rest of castellers that are placed. They are positioned at the base of the castell following a specific order, forming a “human mattress” that grows outwards, as castellers are added to the pinya. They are placed behind each member of the team of hands forming a straight line to give support (with their chest and arms) to the castellers they have right in front.  The straight lines formed behind each pillar are known as rengles. The space that is left between the rengles are called cordons.