Christmas Performance

We have a date! This year our Christmas Performance will be on the 9th of December.

We want to do our best exhibition so far, and we need you! Come and join our rehearsals these following weeks to help us make it happen!

Christmas… CoL is coming!


London: 11th December 2016

Our first attempt of doing three constructions of 6 levels in the same performance.

We were so happy to do our 3d6 and 4d6 for a second time, but we failed in completing the new structure: we couldn’t crown the 3d6a. A construction with a pilar inside adds extra difficulty on the base and on the trunk. It takes longer to complete as the pilar must wait until the outer structure is dismantled. We were really close, but we had to call it down twice.

London: 9th December 2017

One year later. The same location.

It is time to finish what we started. Let’s wish you a proper #merry6mas.
Let’s make the 3rd construction happen.

Join us this Friday 8th at the church (St Thomas The Apostle, N4 2QP) for the last rehearsal at 7pm!

Be part of the next #CoLHistory chapter. Write it with us.

#jointhepressure | #merry6mas